Thursday, July 8, 2010

the wait list has closed!

The open spots on the wait list have now been taken. Thank you so much to everyone who showed interest. I will be busy wrapping up all of my current projects right up until it is time for little sister to make her debut! I'll be taking some time off from Redbud after she gets here, but I'm not quite sure yet when I'll start taking orders again. I have an amazing boss who lets me have as much maternity leave as I want! :) In the meantime, check back often for recent design updates, as well as news about some new things going on at Redbud. (For instance, my husband made me get I finally got a twitter! I'll let you know when I get that going so you can follow along if you'd like.)

Until next time, here are a few recent Redbud blog designs...


  1. I truly love your style and am soooo envious of your talent! I'm hoping you'll be up and going again by October, because I really want a Redbud baby announcement for our little bundle!