Wednesday, July 28, 2010

nesting, nesting...

Mostly everyday I work on Redbud projects during Merit's nap time. That is some of the only free time I get some days, and as much as I love my work here at Redbud, sometimes I need a little break from design - at least of the graphic kind. I have always loved doing creative things, especially with my hands. With the new baby coming very soon, I got an itch last week to sew. (This was between my itch to scrub the bathroom with a toothbrush and the itch to vacuum the carpet again.) It felt amazing to sit at my sewing machine, listen to some old Dave Matthews, and create things for my girls.

Merit recently moved to a toddler bed, so I made her a couple of new pillow cases. I also made a few burp cloths and decorated a couple of onesies with iron-ons for the baby. Nothing too complicated as I'm still a novice seamstress at best (I can sew rectangles with the best of 'em!). But I felt renewed and excited after my little sewing (and ironing-on) session.

And I'm sure after I quit sewing I used that excitement to go wipe down a baseboard or something. I encourage you to slow down and do something that you truly love to do every once in a while.

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  1. umm...those onsies are adorable!! good nesting.

  2. Those are absolutely adorable. And by those I mean everything in that picture! Perfect perfect fabric choices and color combinations! I'm the same as you. I need a break from design from time to time....but still need to be creative! Great channeling of creative energy!