Saturday, August 1, 2009


I am very thankful to say that lately I have been busy here at Redbud. Just designing away, all the while, chasing a cute, pigtailed 16-month-old.

I told you she was cute. And I wasn't lying about the pigtails, either. Another thing I wasn't lying about is the designing part. See?

These first two blogs were for two groups of Business students from ACU who studied abroad this summer. As you can see, one group studied in Oxford, and the other in Germany.

I have known Hunter and Jennifer since we were kids. Now, they have one very cute kid of their own, Benton.

Jacquie and I were at ACU together, and I interned for a youth group alongside her husband, Jason (aka Spruce), who also happens to be one of my brother's best friends. I am not sure why I feel the need to document how I am connected to my clients, but well, I do. :) Jacquie was one of my guinea pigs in the beginning of Redbud, and I was excited to re-design her blog.

Natalie approached me a while back about giving Redbud some publicity by doing a giveaway on her fun blog in exchange for a blog design. Well, of course!
(By the way, she is hosting a fantastic baby shower giveaway right now--go enter HERE!)

Erin works in New York City for HBO. She is all sorts of talented, and writes, edits, and produces commercials for the network. She uses her blog to showcase her work.

For a complete update of recent designs, be sure and visit my newly-updated blog portfolio page.

And be looking for a giveaway here very soon...

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