Saturday, January 10, 2009

christmas card time

I honestly hadn't even thought about the possibility of doing Christmas cards this year until I had a couple requests come in November. As you may know, I did create some pre-designed cards to choose from, but most of my orders ended up being custom designs. I really enjoyed doing them, and I felt a little creatively exhausted by the time I did my last card, which was actually for my own little family. But I love that I can say that I was exhausted in such a way. It felt good (...especially since I got to spend hours creating CHRISTMAS cards!!). I don't know that I have ever pushed my creativity to such limits before. I can only hope that these cards were able to bless others as much as creating them blessed me. 

I will be posting a couple at a time over the next few days, as well as some invitations I have done recently. If you're interested, come visit again!

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  1. could you be any more amazing?? I don't think so!! But then again, you're YOU so you probably will just do more amazing things!!!!