Tuesday, April 7, 2009

small world...

One of my favorite things about having this business so far is hearing how I am connected to each client. Most of my designs recently have been for people I don't know personally, but because of the way the internet works these days, I always find a connection. 

This design was for Devin, the winner of one of my giveaways. She went to college with my cousin. 

As I've mentioned before, when it comes to Redbud clients, Devin is probably my most loyal! I recently did this design for her husband's birthday.

Allison lives in ABILENE, my hometown. I will always be excited to do designs for fellow Abilenians!

Kelly and I both attended ACU. She was there a few years before me and knows both of my sisters-in-law.

Another Abilene connection...I recently did this birth announcement for a girl named Betsy, whose husband is a Jeep man!

I went to ACU and was in club with Abbe and her sister, Linde. Abbe's son, Avery, just turned one!

These next few designs hit a little closer to home. Lindsay has been one of my best friends since we were in 3rd grade. I am so thankful for her friendship and was excited to give her a new blog design.

Even closer...my first niece, Macy, turned five last month. I can't believe she is already five. She celebrated with a swimming princess party!

And, finally, this is about as close to me as one can get...I carried her for 9 months! My baby girl, Merit, turned ONE a couple of weeks ago. We had tons of fun at her party, and I am already brainstorming for next year!

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  1. Sharon...I can't tell you how much I love seeing all that you've been working on, it is all so good! Keep it up!

  2. Sharon-
    You are so talented! I still get comments all the time on my CUTE AS A BUTTON blog and send people to your site. Thanks again!

  3. hi sharon...i'm erin's cousin marni...not sure if you remember me. i'm kind of obsessed with your blogs b/c of how unique they are...i'm just waiting for something to come up so that i can have you design something for me! i love everything you do! :)love

  4. We love our new blog and Kevin's bday invites were perfect! Be thinking about a baby announcement, I think that's the next big event:)

  5. thanks again for the super fun design! i wonder if we have any connections? probably...