Friday, November 14, 2008

yesssss. giveaway time!

In honor of Redbud's existence and the fact that there are only 13 more days until the light rock radio stations start playing 24 hour Christmas music, I want to give one lucky commenter a free custom Christmas card design! Speaking of Christmas cards, take a look at the post below if you have not already. Even if you don't win, you can still have a fun and unique design for your card this year. Yes. It's true!

To enter, simply leave me a comment with your favorite Christmas song. Or... movie, that would be fun! Oh, what about your favorite tradition? Reindeer? Okay, just leave me a comment with anything regarding Christmas because every bit of that holiday is absolutely wonderful. You can comment until Sunday, November 16th, at noon (central time). I will draw a name and announce a winner that afternoon. 

Oh, by the way, if you let me know in your comment that you have Redbud Designs listed in your links on your blog, I will put your name in twice. Yeah! And, OH, if you let me know in your comment that you have Redbud linked AND you mentioned this giveaway in some manner on your blog, I will put your name in THREE times. 

Don't have a blog? That's okay--you can still enter! But, I do know someone who could design a blog for you... :)

Good luck, and let me be the first to say, Merry Christmas!

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  1. regarding christmas--i'm putting up my tree TOMORROW!

    and, you're design blog is now a link on my blog! :)

  2. My favorite things about Christmas are homemade hot chocolate, fuzzy slippers, and the movie White Christmas (all at once, of course). I've just linked redbud on my blog too, so creative and fun!

  3. I love watching Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story! Usually with my extended family who can pretty much quote both movies! I also like listening to Christmas music and teaching my kids the old classic Christmas carols! Oh...and gotta have the pictures of letting the kids decorate the tree themselves, even if all the ornaments are around the bottom, and a few get broken! I'll post your site on my Facebook. Does that count? I don't have a blog!

  4. My favorite things about Christmas are Christmas Eve sitting around a fire with all of my family. I love all of your designs! You are so talented!

  5. Sharon - You are so fun and creative!! I have had you linked since you did my blog design, but today I stole your logo picture to link it to you! I hope that's ok! I think your logo is too cute to not be used!

    I'll tell you my favorite part of Christmas, but I already have a card designed, so please omit me from the drawing! My favorite part of Christmas is family. I don't care where, who, or when, but it is sitting around, usually in pj's, just hanging out.

  6. Pick me, pick me! I LOVE everything about Christmas and asking me to pick my favorite thing is impossible. I will be putting up my decorations this weekend, and I can't wait to kick off the season on our 5 hour drive home from my mom's house on Thanksgiving belting out our favorite Christmas carols. From there, we will be watching holiday movies and sipping hot chocolate at least 3 times a week. Oh,and I can't forget rolling out the sugar cookies and shopping, shopping, shopping. Ok, I'll stop now. Your designs are fabulous! I will definitely link you to my blog.

  7. Yea!!! I love Christmas! My favorite Christmas song is "All I want for Christmas is you" by Vince Vance and the Valiants. My favorite tradition is skiing with the family in Red River, NM. I can't wait to make new traditions with Laney! And my favorite reindeer is Rudolf of course! I have posted a link to your page, and posting a blog right now! You're awesome!!!

  8. Hey Sharon! What a fun idea. I just linked you and mentioned your giveaway. I can't choose a fave Christmas song, because I love them all, but I will tell you about one of my favorite Christmas movies/traditions. Thanks to donations from the primetimer's at our neighboring church, my school celebrates by wearing our pj's to school and going to the paramount to see the polar express. Such a fun book and movie, the paramount is always special, and you can't beat wearing pj's all day! Teachers and students look forward to it every year. I'm counting down the days already!

  9. I think my favorite thing about Christmas is seeing my kids faces Christmas morning when they are barely awake & they walk into the living room & see what Santa has brought them. The look on their sweet little half awake priceless!!! It's hard to pick one favorite thing tho. Christmas is just an amazing time of year.

    I don't have a blog... so here's my email..just incase I am lucky enough to win!!

  10. OH!! And BTW....I posted your link on my Facebook do I get 3 entries?????? =) I copied April Patteson....shhhhh. ha!

  11. Christmas is a magical time of the year. i love every part of it, but most of all i remember CHRIST in CHRISTmas and He is the real reason we celebrate.

  12. My favorite Christmas movie is "A Christmas Story," it makes me laugh ever year! From the leg lamp, to the dogs eating the turkey...

  13. I must have missed the memo/blog that you have a design blog. Super cute! I linked you on my blog and My favorite Christmas song would have to be "Sleigh Ride"

  14. My favorite thing about Christmas is listening to christmas music and decorating the house all christmasy! We have done that every year since I can remember growing up and now that I have my own family we do it too!! I love it and I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!

  15. My fav thing about Christmas song is "Baby, it's Cold Outside," but not the Nick & Jessica version! Pick me please!

  16. Okay, I had answers for all your questions and it was so much fun to think about them! Of course I have your blog linked and of course I just wrote a post advertising you to the millions of readers who stalk my blog :) Okay here we go:
    Favorite Christmas song(s): Oh, Holy Night AND Tom Petty's Christmas All Over Again
    Favorite Christmas movie: A Charlie Brown Christmas AND Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer(the 1964 stop motion one)
    Favorite Christmas tradition: OLD-"Sleeping" with my brother and sister on Christmas Eve so we could wake up together on Christmas morning. NEW- seeing Avelyn's face on her FIRST Christmas this year!
    Favorite Reindeer: Donner (or Donder, if you're German, because Donder means thunder and I loooove to sleep through thunderstorms. Also he doesn't get as much press as the others and he's just as cool. Hmmph.)

  17. Okay, I am Avelyn's grandmuhma, and Jennifer's mom... We have alot in common except that I want to win this more, so I can give it to her as one of her gifts, cause I am frugral. (Grinch not, money niether!) Here I go:

    Favorite Christmas song(s): Oh, Holy Night AND Jars of Clay, Little Drummer Boy
    Favorite Christmas movie: A Charlie Brown Christmas AND It Came Upon a Midnight Clear with Mickie Roonie-- oh so tearful and beautiful and not Christmas without it!

    Favorite Christmas tradition:
    Ringing santa sleigh bells outside up and down the street so neighbors can tell their kids they hear the bells of Santa-- (Until some smart aleck stupid spoiled rotten brat.... Oh, excuse me-- off subject!! Now back on track--)

    Favorite Reindeer: VIXEN... The name says it all!

    Favorite family recipe for Christmas is a date nut loaf that my kids and I fight for the last bite, except Jenn-- I think she got dropped on blonde head while eating it, and thus a poor connection in her head about our family's secret recipe!

    Cocoa, gingerbread and mistle toe... I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!

    Hugs the old lady who wants to win: Shelley Norman-Echtle

  18. Pooh-- I wasnt trying to to be anonymous-- Good grief Charlie Brown, I am said I am Avelyn's grandmuhma!

    I AM adding you to my national website AND I am adding you to my own myspace-- does that count? You are twice heralded as the Christmas princess, possible becoming queen IF I WIN! LOL

    Shelley aka

  19. hi friend!
    i'm so excited for your giveaway and to already be thinking about christmas with you...
    song- "where are you christmas" by faith hill or "christmas" by blues traveler
    movie- "rudolph the red-nosed reindeer or home alone
    tradition- stockings and sleeping in the living room by the fireplace
    ps- redbud is most definitely linked on my blog.

  20. so fun! i'm so ready to put my tree up! my favorite christmas songs are martina mcbride's version of "oh holy night" and George Strait's "christmas cookies"

    i think you are linked on my blogroll, and i'll definitely tell my blog buddies about this!

    (p.s. i haven't forgotten about the invoice you sent, i just haven't gotten paid!)

  21. My favorite Christmas hymn is, "Whose Child Is This"

    I am linking you to my blogist, and I'm praising your name...well, you know, I'm giving you a shout out.

    I send out tons of cards, many to bloggers, your custom designs are awesome.

  22. I just love Christmas....everything about it! I particularly love that Jerod is off from work and gets to spend time with us! I'm going to link and mention your website on my facebook (and I have lots of friends! :)) Hope I win! Love your stuff! Love you...can't wait to see you over the holidays!

  23. AND.....I've spent probably half of the Christmases in my lifetime with you, so...I think that deserves four entries!! :)

  24. My favorite Christmas tradition is that I buy my sister and I matching pajama bottoms every year. Even though we're 29 and 26, it's still a lot of fun. It's even more special because we now live really far apart.

    My favorite song is O Holy Night, and just FYI, one of the radio stations here has been playing Christmas music for a week already. =)

  25. Love your card designs, you are very talented. My favorite Christmas tradition is our Italian feast. Lasagna, anti pasta, dessert, wine, tons of get the picture.

  26. i enjoy taking santa hat pictures of my family at thanksgiving time and putting the santa hat pictures in my christmas cards, have been doing it for about 15 years now. they are fun to look back on. love all the christmas music. john denver's christmas cd is a favorite of mine. this is the first time to your blog, enjoyed reading!! love to win prizes too!!

  27. ha! it might have helped if i'd caught the whole "till noon" part. ooops